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Female Alpacas for sale

We have a range of high quality females, all proven good mothers or maidens, some pregnant for the first time. We have carefully selected champion studs to enhance their attributes and look forward to more stunning cria.

We have single animals or discounted packages to suit all budgets and we can also offer a 0% interest finance package. Please enquire.

We are sad to let them go, but we need the space for our expanding herd. All our animals have been microchipped for security and registered with the British Alpaca Society. They are fully immunized and we will supply a comprehensive health record at handover.

We have a wealth of experience to assist new alpaca owners and would be happy to provide as much ongoing support and training as you need to make sure you enjoy your new acquisitions and are completely comfortable and competent with their day to day care.

Pregnancies are confirmed by ultrasound scan and a live birth is guaranteed or a free return mating will be provided.

Female Alpacas

Cotswold Daisy

daisyok.jpgDOB: 09 July 2011
Colour: Solid Light Brown

Dam: Bozedown Piccolo (Solid Light Fawn

Sire: Wyona Sunset's Triumph of Anzac,
a Medium Grey Australian stud (MFD 17.8 micron),carrying "some of the most elite genetics available in the Australian Alpaca Industry"


Daisy is a very pretty female with a strong frame. She has a beautiful evenly coloured fleece in a rich, lustrous Light Brown with dark points (nose and feet). Her fleece is uniform in quality with good crimp style right into the extremities.
She has a placid temperament like her mother.
She is halter trained and will readily walk on the lead.



Mated to Anzac Red Hot Chilli Pepper her first cria a beautiful female called Padme and we are now expecting her next cria in May 2015


Price £4950 + vat.


Cotswold Crystal

crystal_sales_w.jpgDOB: 25 July 2008
Colour: Solid White
Dam: Marina of Bozedown II (Martha)
Sire: Bozedown Ulysses
. The multi award winning U.K. Champion
Cria at foot (Modern Grey Female called Whisper) born 21 April 2015
Ready to Mate

Crystal has a beautiful head and excellent confirmation. Her upright stance and feminine poise ensures she stands out in the paddock.  She has a wonderful temperament and a quiet confidence that leads to her being easy to handle. She carries many of the traits of her grandsire, the legendary Champion Galaxy of Bozedown. Her fleece is dense and fine (2010- MFD 22.1micron) with a well organised high frequency crimp pattern.

Her last cria, Bingo, was sired by
Talisman of Bozedown, who was imported into the UK after being awarded the prestigious Colour Championship at the 2003 International Festival at Arequipa in Peru.


Her next cria is due in 2016 

£4,950 + vat.



Cotswold Nancy

DOB: 30 June 2010
Colour: Solid Dark Fawn
Dam: Blenheim Karlie
Sire: Toft Mace Windu
Last Cria (solid dark fawn male) born 14 May 2013

Nancy is a stunning young female, who has proved an excellent mother. Her first cria, Scrabble, has his mother's colouring and after an easy birth he grew well. She stands out in the herd as the "Golden Girl" She has excellent confirmation and a pretty, true to type head. Her fleece has a very even colour, it is fine and lustrous with a soft handle. She has very little guard hair, like her BAS National Show winning sire.

She has a gentle disposition and is easy to handle on the halter. This high quality female will make an excellent addition to any breeding herd

Mated to Anzac Red Hot Chilli Pepper again her next cria is due May 2015.   Live cria guaranteed   

Price £4,950  +vat


Marina II of Bozedown (Martha)

FFS.Martha.2DOB: 01 Jan 2000
Colour: Solid White
Dam: Peruvian
Sire: Peruvian
Last Cria (male solid dark fawn) born 16 June 2013

She was imported from Peru, having been chosen by Joy Whitehead of Bozedown as part of the "Dream Selection". She has lived up to that initial expectation having produced excellent cria and proved a wonderful mother, giving birth easily to strong healthy cria which have inherited her excellent confirmation.

Her early 18 micron MFD has only increased to 23 micron over recent years maintaining density and crimp.

 We have kept all her female cria in our breeding herd and are expecting her next cria in May 2015.

Price £1950 + vat.


MacKenzie of Bozedown (ZeeZee)

zeezee_new.jpgDOB: 01 Jan 2003
Colour: Solid Mid Fawn
Dam: Peruvian
Sire: Peruvian
previous Cria (male pale rose grey) born 23 June 2013
Ready to Mate again

She was imported from Peru, having perfect confirmation and a beautiful head, matched with an excellent crimpy soft handling fleece. Her early 17 micron MFD fleece has maintained its density and lustre but has settled at 24 micron. Her saddle is a distinctive mink shade and she has an extremely pretty, dark, "vicuna like" head. She has given birth easily to her beautiful cria and has proven to be an excellent mother.
We have repeated the mating which produced first a beautiful, heavily fleeced dark brown female, with attractive black points and then a strong boy with an "apricot" pale rose grey fleece and now a beautiful chocolate girl with dark points called Smartie born on 5th April 2015

Mated to Anzac Red Hot Chilli Pepper (see our Stud Services) her next cria will be due in 2016

Price £4,950 + vat.   


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