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We are dedicated to breeding alpacas with a stunning fleece

We live with our herd of alpacas, 45 at the moment, we are passionate about developing our breeding programme to improve our alpaca fibre and to produce the best quality products we possibly can.

Having become fascinated by the genetics of colour inheritance and drawn to the complexity of grey fleeces we have decided to continue to focus our efforts on breeding Grey Alpacas, applying a scientific approach to improving the quality of our animals.

We are currently building up our herd with elite grey genetics from across the U.K. , Peru, Australia and America.

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Sustainability is at our core

Alpaca fibre was known by the Inca’s as the ‘Fibre of the Gods’, their fleeces are soft and beautiful and irresistible and so is our yarn.

‘My inspiration comes from the place we call home along with our desire to live gently on the planet, this why all the dyes I use are natural dyes and all my dyeing I do by hand. I love to spin creating art yarns, I spin as much as I can, the rest goes to a lovely traditional artisan mill in Wales, or a specialist alpaca mill.’

We support sustainable fashion, eco living and sustainable farming. At the moment we are building a green sustainable workshop space, our ambition is to live in the most ‘green’ way we possibly can, we are off grid which can be challenging!

About Our Fibre

We had the most amazing experience. Bucks Fizz and Spinning their fleece. It was fun for all ages (7 up to 80!) Jo and Noah were so welcoming. Would Definitely recommend this.

— Natalie R

Birmingham UK

It was a magical experience with the Alpacas which we enjoyed immensely. Thank you x

— Lyndie Whittard

Texas USA

We did a Meet & Greet experience on a rainy day but that was ok as it was all under Cover

— Gary B


Easy to find with directions from google. Thoroughly enjoyed our walk with Morgana and Merlin.Very informative talk from Jo and Noah. Will visit again.

— Richard P

Nottingham UK

Just spent a fantastic day with Bridget and James. I recently purchased three alpacas and this was the perfect way to find out hands on tips from experts. Lovely Lunch. Very Welcoming.

— Lesley K

Puerto De Santiago

My Husband and I had the best time walking and learning about these beautiful animals and their characteristics. The people on the farm are fantastical well ! Miss you Orlando Bloom !!

— Moogie63

Philadelphia PA

Welfare is our prime consideration

Whilst welfare is our prime consideration, we have not lost sight of the importance of the Alpaca’s personality on the experience of ownership, and have been careful to choose calm, even tempered studs and to ensure all our animals are well handled. We have been greatly influenced by Camelidynamic principles, and are sure this gentle respectful style of handling has led to a reduction in the stress on both them….. and us!!

We are members of the British Alpaca Society and follow their recommended welfare standards.

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