About us

At Cotswold Alpacas we breed Huacaya alpacas on our 12 acres, situated in the heart of the Cotswolds. This is a long awaited dream for us and also a return to our farming roots.

The herd was started by Trudy and Stuart Drysdale 13 years ago and they started our breeding herd by investing in four high quality pregnant females from Bozedown and all the progeny have been sired by champions. Sires include Bozedown’s Ulysses and Talisman, EP Cambridge’s Streslecki, Inca’s Canchones Witness and Latton’s Snowmass Sizlin Hot.


Going Grey the Cotswold way

Having become fascinated by the genetics of colour inheritance and drawn to the complexity of grey fleeces we have decided to continue to focus our efforts on breeding Grey Alpacas, applying a scientific approach to improving the quality of our animals.

We are currently building up our herd with elite grey genetics from across the U.K. and Australia.



Husbandry Skills

We have developed a range of extended husbandry skills under the guidance of our vet (Bob Broadbent, ex-chair of the British Veterinary Camelid Society). We can carry out dental care and also perform regular skin and gut parasite microscopy. We use ultrasound scanning to confirm pregnancy. We can provide all these services to other alpaca owners. We hold regular Husbandry courses.

Members of the British Alpaca Society

We are members of the British Alpaca Society and follow their recommended welfare standards.

Our Alpacas

Whilst welfare is our prime consideration, we have not lost sight of the importance of the Alpaca’s personality on the experience of ownership, and have been careful to choose calm, even tempered studs and to ensure all our animals are well handled. We have been greatly influenced by Camelidynamic principles, and are sure this gentle respectful style of handling has led to a reduction in the stress on both them….. and us!!

Fleece Workshops

Bridget has for the last 30 years worked with Alpaca Fleece felting and weaving it but her passion for spinning has meant she has given many workshops and taught many people this ancient art. As well as spinning and dyeing, she has organised peg looming and felting workshops and is part of a group of like minded ladies “The Wild Woolly Women” who meet fortnightly in the local village hall, to share their creative interests and skills.

our farm

Come and visit us

A warm welcome awaits you if you would like to come and visit us, to see our herd of superior quality coloured Huacaya alpacas. Please get in touch by phone or email to arrange a Date and Time.

We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.

Bridget and James Tibbs-Hamilton


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