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About us and our Alpacas

At Cotswold Alpacas we breed Huacaya alpacas on 20 Acres of beautiful cotswold countryside just outside Cheltenham. We both have farming in our blood. Bridget ran a City farm for ten years and James grew up with Horses and could ride before he could walk and evented for several years.

Bridget and James took over the herd in 2013 living at Korinn Farm in Cowley. The guiding principle in the dream of having a farm for Bridget and James is sustainability and so the farm uses green technology to generate its energy. It is off grid with solar PV and Battery storage and a Ground source heat pump and a highly insulated Hempcrete House. With the Alpacas they use the principles of camelid dynamics which mean both animal and human can interact calmly and enjoy each others company.

The farm has not just been a project about alpacas; it is about living in a more eco friendly lifestyle. It was important for us from the beginning that any works or building done on the farm worked in a sustainable way. Our focus is to live lightly on the land and alpacas fit this criteria perfectly being naturally light footed and energy and water efficient producers of sustainable fibre.

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Going Grey the Cotswold Way

Bridget is a textile artist with 30 years experience in spinning, weaving, felting and natural dying as well as knitting and crochet. From this fibre background the quality of our Alpaca Fleeces is of the utmost importance. The aim is to breed alpacas with fleeces that are beautiful to work with and our finished products are delightful.

With a great selection of American and Australian genetics in our herd we are able to produce fleeces with low micron, Long length, density and brightness.

We are also breeding grey which gives rise to a fabulous range of 50 shades of grey. Breeding Grey Alpacas is challenging as Grey isn’t straight forward in its genetic expression. Grey’s range from Rose Grey (Brown/white) to Silver grey (Black/White) and everything in-between including Lavender and Pink!