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Male Alpacas for sale

As herd animals it is essential that Alpacas are kept together as a group. Two or three animals could keep the grass down in one acre of pasture and chase off the foxes threatening your free range poultry. Some farmers (including HRH at Highgrove!) run a couple with their sheep flock to protect the young lambs. The annual shearing will provide you with beautiful fleeces which are highly prized by hand spinners.

Our males would make wonderful family pets. They are gentle and naturally inquisitive. They are regularly handled, halter trained and will walk on a lead. They are happy to eat from the hand.

They are easily managed because they are hardy and docile. We are happy to visit and help you with the few essential routine tasks (e.g. annual immunization boosters and quarterly toenail clipping) or we can teach you how to do these yourself. You would be welcome to phone us with any queries regarding their ongoing care.

All our animals have been fully immunized and are micro-chipped for security. They are registered with the British Alpaca Society.

Currently we have sold all our boys and are awaiting the arrival of 2019's Cria. Please contact us for details.

You are very welcome to visit us and meet our youngsters without obligation.

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