Alpaca Services


We shear all over the UK and are calm efficient and friendly. Looking after the alpacas is our main concern and making sure they and their owners have as good an experience as possible means the whole shearing day goes far more smoothly. Shearing includes a full check of your alpacas and includes getting the teeth and toenails checked and dealt with as necessary.

We sort out our shearing dates around about March of each year and if you would like to be on our shearing lists then please get in touch. Once you have a date we will turn up to shear on that date unless we need to rearrange because of weather.
If you have any questions or for more details and prices please contact us.

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Microscopy and Fecal Egg Counts

We regularly screen our whole herd to monitor for gut parasite load. We treat individual alpacas as and when required. We don’t provide a commercial screening service for other owners,  but can recommend courses to go on so you can carry out your own screening. We highly recommend regular individual Fecal Egg Counts (FEC) as an essential way to maintain your herd health.

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Dental Care

It is harsh to watch the shearer use an adapted building site tool to trim back teeth. So we collaborated with our local (human) dentist and our alpaca specialist vet to source rather more delicate and precise tools.

We have perfected the technique of cutting back front incisor teeth to produce a perfect bite with a smooth rounded finish, which can’t damage the dental pad. this method also means we can deal with fighting teeth in alpacas effectively and safely.

Usually we deal with teeth at shearing time so if you want more information please contact us.

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